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The 8-Week Stress Management 

Online Coaching Program

It is time to take control and create a life you love.

Move From Stressed to Empowered

You are working for a great company. You have a job that gives you meaning, you receive amazing benefits and you live a life that other people dream of. On paper, you have everything in life to be happy - and yet you feel unfulfilled, undervalued and empty. 


Are you extremely busy and feel like you never have enough hours in your day to get everything done? Do you feel like your lifestyle is slowly affecting your productivity at work, your personal relationships and your physical and mental health?

I know exactly how you feel! I believe that we can have both - an amazing quality of life and a thrilling career.

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Nice to meet you,

My name is Julia!

As expert in stress management and personal development, it is my vision to help people understand the effects of stress on body and mind, move beyond overwhelm and exhaustion; and create a beautiful life that they love. 

Ex-Googler, and today corporate coach and trainer, podcaster and YouTuber, I show people that it is extremely important to be preventive in their stress management instead of reactive. Stress Management is not about yoga and meditation or exercising regularly and eating healthy. Stress management is about self-exploration and personal development to promote long-term mental health. 

We all need people in our lives that remind us of our potential, that bring us back to our power to take life into our own hands and show new ways of how to get there.

That's exactly what I am here for.

"Stress Management is a skill

that everyone can learn."

Julia Arndt

Eight weeks that will change your life

The online coaching program combines neuroscientific research on emotion regulation, habit-building and change management; coaching techniques and my own experience working at Google for over 7 years and as a corporate coach.

It is divided into two main parts: Mastering Yourself and Mastering Work. 

Part 1: Mastering Yourself

Create a Balanced Life

Week 1

My Status Quo

Stress Assessment

Benefits and Consequences

Tools: Gratitude