How to stay calm amidst chaos?

With the recent #coronavirusoutbreak, our lives have been (unwillingly) turned around 180 degrees.

Over only one week, conferences and (business) travel were cancelled, you were given the option to work from home, then it was recommended. Schools were closed. How do you avoid worry, frustration, anger when every day there are new changes that impact your life at work and at home?

I am here to help!

As a stress management trainer and peak performance coach I see it as my responsibility to contribute during these times with trainings to help you and your team find calm amidst chaos. I am offering two different workshops over the next weeks as long as my support is needed. 


All offerings below are free of charge.

Workshop 1: How to navigate ambiguity at work during Covid-19?

Over the last weeks, your project scope and timelines have changed. You have a hard time understanding: What's next? Where should I start? Is my project a priority during these times? Who is the decision-maker?

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • How to deal with your inner-critic and your feelings of overwhelm, frustration and anger

  • How to identify new priorities

  • How to define your next steps: alternatives, priorities, people

Each virtual workshop will give you time to ask questions in the end. It includes interactive exercises to help you build tools for the next few weeks and beyond.

Workshop 2: How to work from home, stay productive and remove distractions?

You were asked to work from home over the next few weeks. You wonder: how do I stay productive amidst all the news and distractions? How do I manage my time effectively? Where is my motivation?

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • Schedule: How to manage your time while working from home

  • People: How to set boundaries with clients, stakeholders and team members

  • Energy: How to stay energized while working in isolation? How to manage negative feelings and stress?

Each virtual workshop will give you time to ask questions in the end. It includes interactive exercises to help you build tools for the next few weeks and beyond.

For Individuals

If you would like to join one of the above mentioned workshops (or both!) individually, I will be offering two dates to join virtually.

Workshop 1:

When? March 27th at 8am PST

New session: April 7th at 8am PST

Workshop 2:

When? April 2nd at 8am PST

New session: April 9th at 8am PST

For Teams

If you would like to book a virtual 60 minute training for your team on one of the above topics, please fill out the form below. 

I will be in touch with you shortly to schedule the session.

"Thank you for offering these sessions.

There were so many useful items I took away from this and literally screen shot to print and hang on my wall. Thank you!"

Participant "How to navigate change"

Individual Coaching Sessions 

For this time of uncertainty and new circumstances, I am offering 30-minute free coaching consultations every Monday and Wednesday over the coming weeks as well. If you need someone to talk to for no matter what reason (work or personal life), I am here for you!

"This was excellent and the best meeting

of my life."

Client - 1:1 Coaching


If you need an accountability buddy to integrate some of the new learned tools into your day-to-day, I have created a powerful group coaching on Wednesday's.

What does it include?

- Every Wednesday 30 minutes check-in on your goal in a group call
- Let's be each other's success partners - and increase your chance to succeed by 95%
- Talk about your wins and challenges
- Give you small exercises to reflect on your progress
- Quick coaching with 1 live person


This offering is free of charge.

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