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In today's digital world, we are able to access information, deliver results and produce value almost instantaneously. We are always connected: emails flood our inbox by the hour, colleagues can message us at any point during the day; and our phones buzz with news and social media updates at all times.


You may not realize right away, but the impact of being "always on" is tremendous on one's well-being and effectiveness at work. Overwhelm, low energy, difficulty sleeping and disassociation are early signs of not having enough time to relax and recharge. And for most people, this leads to disease and / or burnout.


The American Institute of Stress studied that 77% of people regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress, 3 out of 4 doctor visits are for stress-related ailments and U.S. employers spend $300 Billion annually on stress-related health care and missed work – $100 Billion more than towards obesity related illnesses (2017).


Stress Management is a vital skill that every individual can learn to master self-care and recovery, and that every company can support to improve employee satisfaction, performance and longevity.


I am here to help you get there!


I customize all trainings based on your interest and needs.

In-House Trainings

I provide 1 hour, half-day and full-day interactive trainings.

Team Workshops in Lake Tahoe

In a unique setting surrounded by the mountains and the beauty of the lake, I deliver 2-day team and leadership workshops.

"Day to day life can sometimes be a bit bumpy. Julia visited our Uber office in Miami to help us improve our stress management during a 1-hour training session.


Julia started by presenting us her personal history and she gathered some elements of context about our company and the team. Then she guided us through some exercises to get a better awareness of what stress is and how it materializes on each individual. Backed by several examples and key concepts, Julia introduced us to mindfulness and gratitude.


One of the main assets of Julia's trainings is that it is very actionable on a daily basis.

The team was delighted and eager to dive more into the different topics Julia introduced us to."

Jérémie Clos ❘ Territory Strategy Manager ❘ Uber Eats


Optimum Stress

"Healthy stress" is not about avoiding stress altogether, it is about learning tools and techniques to manage it in a sustainable way.


Personal Responsibility

Each employee is in charge of their own stress levels and can still grow in their stress management competency.


Individual Approach

Stress management has many facets and options; each person can identify their own stress with our instructions.



✓ High Return-on-Investment

Every dollar that you invest in employee development will have an even higher return. Prevention is the key.


✓ Increased Productivity

Higher performance and efficiency is a product of employees knowing how to deal with pressure and tension.


✓ Reduced Absenteeism

Stressed employees cost a lot of money in the short and long term.


✓ Improved Office Atmosphere

Happier people means less conflict both at work and at home.


✓ Strengthened Employee Retention

By taking responsibility for your people's well-being, you show that you care and value them.

"Julia Arndt provided a 1-hour training session to the Staffing Services team to help educate us on stress management and steps we can take to help alleviate stress. Julia took the time to learn the specifics of our team and role before the training so she could tailor her presentation, making it customized to our team and ultimately more impactful.


We were blown away by Julia’s knowledge and personal story. The exercises she ran us through during the training were thought-provoking. We emerged from this training with new techniques to manage stress and a better understanding of the effects of burnout. We highly recommend Julia for any team or individual that would benefit from stress management training."

Madeline Pellicore ❘ Staffing Services ❘ Google LLC



I offer trainings on different subjects:

Stress Management ᐧ How to build emotional intelligence in your team ᐧ How to manage challenging situations ᐧ Finding your inner leader ᐧ Change Management ᐧ Resilience


"We filled the room up, and we even had to turn people away, because this is a topic that is clearly really important for people and I think more than ever, people are more stressed.

There is so much going on in our world and I think wherever you work, stress management is very important and should be top of mind."

Rachel Ginzburg, Principal Account Manager

"My biggest takeaway was how much time we actually have to take a step back for stress management. So often you are back to back, and you feel like I can't take a break, I can't do anything else; but I learned that I actually can."

McKenzie Connor, Platform Solutions Value Consultant

"Being in your class made me feel like I wasn't alone and that it was surprising, how many other people felt the same way I did, but no one talks about it."

Peter Juberg, Customer Engineer Manager

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