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The Peak Performance Method combines critical productivity, mindfulness and leadership tools with neuroscientific research on emotion regulation, habit-building and change management as well as coaching techniques to help you thrive at work and in your personal life.

Based on initial research, applying Peak Performance Method tools in your day-to-day life,

results show significant improvements in the following areas:

  • Stress levels decreased by up to 45%

  • Depression reduced by up to 71%

  • Sleep quality improved by up to 48%

  • 26% increase in performance

  • 41% more positive mindset


Peak Performance is a continuous process. 

Reaching your peak doesn’t mean to get there once and be there forever, it is about understanding the tools that you have available to always get there again and again. It is about raising awareness, building habits and always striving to do your best. 

Julia Arndt


THE Peak Performance Method - three DIMENSIONS

Basic Needs Dimension: Focused on you as an individual and your well-being

    • Understanding yourself through values

    • The importance of stress management

    • Building awareness​ and mindfulness techniques

    • Finding self-care tools to recharge regularly

    • Creating powerful routines

  • Work Dimension: Focused on creating efficiencies at work

    • How to manage time ​

    • How to manage expectations with others

    • How to set boundaries

    • How to give and receive feedback

    • The power of using vulnerability in the workplace

  • Personal Development Dimension: Focused on developing critical leadership skills

    • Build resilience by working through limiting beliefs, fears and blocks

    • How to set the right mindset for sustained growth

    • Learn the four skills to build emotional intelligence

Peak Performance is understanding that even the smallest steps will help you move towards your goals.

Julia Arndt


Peak Performance is pushing your mindset to new limits, physically and mentally.

Julia Arndt


It is the unique combination of stress management techniques, productivity tools and personal development systems that clearly differentiates the Peak Performance Method from any other programs that are currently available in the marketplace.

People often struggle to understand what it is that they really need in their lives to sustain their performance: they want to be successful in their job and strive to get the next promotion, but they exploit their resources.

Once they identified a need to improve their lives, they try meditation or yoga - two of the common stress management tools; or they talk to their manager to request more headcount to help with too much workload.


They raise their awareness and / or try to change external circumstances to feel better without understanding that the root of the problem lies within. Unhealthy habits and unhelpful belief systems that were created over the course of a lifetime, tools (like time management and setting boundaries) that were never learned in the first place all lead to feeling overwhelmed, burned out and the so well-known, deeply feared identity crisis. 

After working with over 4000 people in group settings and 1:1 and from my own personal experience, going through a burnout in 2018, I identified 9 essential topics that everyone can optimize!

It is not about picking one one or the other dimension, but the unique combination of elevating all three at the same time that will help you finally get where you always wanted to be:

living a fulfilled life - at work and in your personal life.


Screen Shot 2022-05-26 at 3.45.08 PM.png

Without the Peak Performance Method

Peak Performers, like you, are ambitious people that strive to be successful in their job at all times. No matter if you work in corporate, in a start-up company or are in the process of building your own business.
Often times, we think taking a vacation or medical leave, or changing jobs will help with the burnout problem. 

With the Peak Performance Method

What really needs to happen in order to prevent burnout and sustain performance over time is to change habits, routines and patterns that you have learned over the course of your lifetime.

The Peak Performance Method helps you accomplish exactly that.

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