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I have worked with:

Looking for a keynote speaker for your

next conference, team offsite or business summit?


I offer 45-90 minute workshops, with time for Q&A at the end.

It is my goal to impact as many people as possible, help them create a sustainable stress management skill set and help them create a balance between an amazing quality of life and a thrilling career (because both is possible!). My keynotes are inspirational, challenge some key behaviors and motivate people to make changes in their lives. 

After 7+ years at Google and training thousands of people from different corporations on stress management to encourage them to rethink their lifestyle, I know exactly what makes people tick and which habits need to be re-evaluated.

My passion as a facilitator is to energize people through different experiential exercises, keep them engaged throughout the session while at the same time giving the participants time to reflect and come up with individualized tools and techniques to create a healthier balance in life. 

Participants will leave inspired and empowered with their own set of ideas that they can easily implement into their day-to-day life at work and beyond. 

I love my audiences, no matter if you are an organization of 70 people or a company of 1000 looking to inspire sustainable change in your workforce.

I look forward to working with you to customize an interactive keynote for your company!


"Julia Arndt is a fantastic presenter in all of the primary categories: content, delivery, and engagement. She came in with a clear understanding of what material would be most pertinent to audience members and cultivated our education plan with that in mind.


Furthermore, her delivery was well-paced. Finally, Julia's high-level of engagement - from regular audience pulse checks to one-on-one mini-coaching sessions during breaks - made everyone in the room feel like they were getting the most out of their time."

Eboni J.D. Freeman ❘ Ability Enabled, Co-Founder & CEO

Possible topics include:

- How to prevent and overcome burnout

- How to stay focused in a distracted world

- Setting boundaries for personal self-care

- How to navigate change

- Time Management 101

Pricing for keynotes range from $7,500 to $25,000; depending on virtual vs. in-person, size of group, location, duration, and level of customization.

Fee includes:

  • A 60-minute pre-event planning call with event organizers

  • A 60-90 minute interactive keynote presentation

  • Optional: Additional breakout session or panel facilitation 

A flat fee for travel is charged and billed up front, it includes: airfare, hotel, ground transportation, and incidental. It makes booking and reimbursement just so much easier for all involved.

Depending on the nature of the organization and travel required, I will consider offers and sometimes make exceptions to speak for less than my quotes fees. 


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“Julia brings incredible energy, thoughtfulness, and has the ability to bring the audience together and create community while on stage.


An amazing professional and easy to work with!”

Katie Hawkins ❘ California Program Manager, Outdoor Alliance

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