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Root. Rise. Conquer.

Approaching Employee Wellness Where It Matters Most.

My Mission

Influence corporations to help educate their employees proactively about peak performance tools before mental health becomes a problem.


Create a strong forward-thinking well-being culture

Help your employees develop the next workplace superpower with the Peak Performance Method.

In 2019, burnout became a diagnosable condition by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Burnout is a result of chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed.


It is characterized by:

  • Feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion

  • Increased mental distance from one’s job, and feelings of negativism or cynicism

  • Reduced professional efficacy

The costs:

  1. Nearly 60 percent of tech workers admitted to feeling burnout.

  2. 46% of HR leaders say employee burnout is responsible for up to half of their annual employee turnover.

  3. The average employee exit costs 33% of their annual salary.

  4. Only 13% of employees feel comfortable disclosing a mental health issue to their line manager.

Key benefits of addressing it early:

  • High Return-on-Investment: Every dollar that you invest in employee development will have an even higher return. Prevention is the key.

  • Increased Productivity: Higher performance and efficiency is a product of employees knowing how to deal with pressure and tension.

  • Reduced Absenteeism: Stressed employees cost a lot of money in the short and long term.

  • Improved Office Atmosphere: Happier people means less conflict both at work and at home.

  • Strengthened Employee Retention: By taking responsibility for your people's well-being, you show that you care and value them.

Employers who are able to get ahead of the burnout curve will gain a distinct advantage over their competitors.



The Peak Performance Method (PPM)


Developed by Julia Arndt


The Peak Performance Method combines critical productivity, mindfulness and leadership tools with neuroscientific research on emotion regulation, habit-building and change management as well as coaching techniques to help each of your employees thrive in the workplace and develop the next workplace superpower.


The three dimensional model for sustained peak performance:

  • Basic Needs Dimension: Focused on the individual and their well-being

    • Understanding themselves through values

    • Teaching the importance of stress management

    • Building awareness​ and mindfulness techniques

    • Find self-care tools to recharge regularly

    • Creating powerful routines

  • Work Dimension: Focused on creating efficiencies at work

    • How to manage time ​

    • How to manage expectations with others

    • How to set boundaries

    • How to give and receive feedback

    • The power of using vulnerability in the workplace

  • Personal Development Dimension: Focused on developing critical leadership skills

    • How to set the right mindset for sustained growth (based on research from Carol Dweck, PhD)

    • Learn the four skills to build emotional intelligence

    • Build resilience by working through limiting beliefs, fears and blocks

Why you should launch PPM in your organization:

  1. Start educating employees how to develop tools to sustain peak performance across each level of the career ladder before mental health becomes a problem

  2. Additional training and resources for managers and executives to help their own increasing pressure and stress as well as learn how to identify issues with reports before they become a problem

  3. Scale programs globally with decreased cost of absenteeism, healthcare and workforce replacement

  4. Create a competitive advantage for your organization: healthier employees = happier = more productive = more loyal

Employees who rate their work-life balance highly are 10% more likely to stay at their company.



Does your company employ top talent? The best and the brightest? 

As an organization, it is important to you to hire and keep them. People stand at the forefront of your organization, your employees are High Achievers that have proven to be capable of performing at high levels, be extremely productive and deliver great results. 

*All programs are based on the Peak Performance Method Model.






In a unique setting surrounded by the mountains and the beauty of the lake, I deliver 2-day team and leadership workshops.


"Day to day life can sometimes be a bit bumpy. Julia visited our Uber office in Miami to help us improve our stress management during a 1-hour training session.


Julia started by presenting us her personal history and she gathered some elements of context about our company and the team. Then she guided us through some exercises to get a better awareness of what stress is and how it materializes on each individual. Backed by several examples and key concepts, Julia introduced us to mindfulness and gratitude.


One of the main assets of Julia's trainings is that it is very actionable on a daily basis.

The team was delighted and eager to dive more into the different topics Julia introduced us to."

Jérémie Clos ❘ Territory Strategy Manager ❘ Uber Eats


I offer a wide variety of workshop topics virtually. Each session is 60-minutes, very interactive and includes 3-4 exercises that attendees will go through with me. I customize workshops based on your teams needs. 

Workshops are recommended for ICs, managers and leaders.


In the past year, I have trained over 4000 participants from companies such as Google, YouTube and Facebook.

Current Workshop Topics:

  • How to prevent and overcome burnout

  • Managing time and energy

  • Increase your well-being with Time & Calendar Management

  • How to sustain performance over time

  • How to improve productivity while working from home

  • How to navigate change

  • How to stay focused in a distracted world

  • Managing time and energy

  • Creating boundaries for personal self-care

  • Managing setbacks

  • Career: Leveling up while staying sane

  • Communication 1:1: How to win friends and influence people

  • Developing Emotional Intelligence

  • Break free from Impostor Syndrome to lead effectively

There is an option to book a monthly workshop series for your team to help them build peak performance tools over time. For custom pricing, please enquire directly.


"This is one of the best corporate trainings I have ever attended. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us."

"I really enjoyed how science-y it was, as well as the data-backed information."

"I really like the activities throughout the session because it kept me focused on the training. It is also comforting to see people share their thoughts and goals."


I offer 45-minute keynotes on different subjects:

Well-Being: Harness the Power of Stress Management

Career Advice: Do you need a new job or new habits?

Time Management: The Essentials of Personal Productivity 


"We filled the room up, and we even had to turn people away, because this is a topic that is clearly really important for people and I think more than ever, people are more stressed.

There is so much going on in our world and I think wherever you work, stress management is very important and should be top of mind."

Rachel Ginzburg, Principal Account Manager

"My biggest takeaway was how much time we actually have to take a step back for stress management. So often you are back to back, and you feel like I can't take a break, I can't do anything else; but I learned that I actually can."

McKenzie Connor, Platform Solutions Value Consultant

"Being in your class made me feel like I wasn't alone and that it was surprising, how many other people felt the same way I did, but no one talks about it."

Peter Juberg, Customer Engineer Manager

Stress Management Testimonial

"Julia Arndt provided a 1-hour training session to the Staffing Services team to help educate us on stress management and steps we can take to help alleviate stress. Julia took the time to learn the specifics of our team and role before the training so she could tailor her presentation, making it customized to our team and ultimately more impactful.


We were blown away by Julia’s knowledge and personal story. The exercises she ran us through during the training were thought-provoking. We emerged from this training with new techniques to manage stress and a better understanding of the effects of burnout. We highly recommend Julia for any team or individual that would benefit from stress management training."

Madeline Pellicore ❘ Staffing Services ❘ Google LLC

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