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As an Ex-Googler who experienced burnout, my passion is to help others in similar roles learn the critical skills that aren't always obvious.

After all, stress accounts for at least 40% of all employee turnover.


Don't let this be you! Keep your peak performer status alive without the burnout, sacrifice or compromise.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

"You should give yourself at least 20 minutes per day to relax -- unless you are too busy, then you should relax for an hour."

Julia Arndt


Hello, I am


As coach, podcaster and founder of the Peak Performance Method, I support you to develop personalized tools to help you get back to focus and productivity at work AND build a fulfilled and healthy life that you love!


My motto: If your brain is your most valuable resource, let’s make sure to take care of it. Your career success and satisfaction depends on your ability to develop the next workplace superpower.

Co-Author of International Bestseller
Winning Mindset

Are you performing at
your very best?

This book was created to help you do just that. It is about achieving the highest level of peak performance in sports, school, business, and life.

With a winning mindset, anyone can achieve more than they thought possible. This book is filled with elite strategies that allow people from all areas of life to perform at their best.

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A simple way to sustain your performance over time, prevent burnout and create a life you have always wanted.

Peak Performance Planner

Weekly Inspiration

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Your weekly podcast to develop your next workplace superpower.

Learn peak performance tools to thrive at work and in your personal life through educational power talks, inspiring interviews and encouraging stories.


"In order to break the burnout cycle, you need to start adapting your routines,

your habits and your behaviors to build

sustainable performance tools over time."

Julia Arndt

Learn Peak Performance Tools

Invest 30 minutes / week in your self-discovery journey