Coming January 2022


The Peak Performance Planner

is designed to help you: 


  • Avoid burnout by better managing your time 

  • Be more mindful of where you spend your time

  • Set clear priorities 

  • Feel accomplished at the end of every day

  • Create new habits

  • Improve your mental health through establishing new routines


The Peak Performance Planner is not bound to a specific start time. You can start at any point in time in the year.


The Planner is more than a few templated pages...

Already in the 1980s research showed that journaling on a regular basis can help you to work through painful emotions and improve your physical and psychological well-being...and with that it can help you to prevent mental health diseases like depression and anxiety.

Here are six reasons why you should start a regular journaling practice:

  1. You go see a doctor less frequently.

  2. You create inner calm in a chaotic external world.

  3. Your traumatic experiences feel less intense.

  4. Your concentration improves.

  5. You improve your emotional intelligence.

  6. Your immune system gets strengthened.


I am excited to share more soon...Julia