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A simple way to...

Become Highly Productive, 

And Achieve Your Biggest Career Goals

Without Burnout


Since I started my company in February 2019, I dreamed about creating a tool for you that helps you to implement all the strategies that I teach in my workshops, YouTube videos and on my Instagram stories.

I visualized a beautiful journal and badass accountability partner that you want to take into your hands every single day to practice gratitude, prioritize your to-dos, celebrate your wins and create space to recharge your batteries.


What clients say

I love the Peak Performance Planner because it helps me plan/accomplish my goals for the month. I love all the daily, weekly and monthly views to see the bigger picture
of my to-dos.
Also, it is beautifully made and very high quality. Highly suggest ordering if you are looking to be more disciplined about planning your month.

Ready to stop working beyond the 9-5 and weekends & still get it all done?

Here is the problem:

You were born a high achiever with a desire to advance professionally, while enjoying your life.


But this often leads to feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and bending over backwards to please everyone.

Is this your life currently?

  • You don’t know how to prioritize 

  • You struggle with competing priorities

  • You never feel like you get enough done 

  • You feel stressed when you think about work

  • You don’t have time to reflect

  • You don't have space to make creative decisions

  • You’re drained and on the verge of burnout

  • You often struggle with procrastination


It is time to find a way to manage your time with athlete level precision.

What if I told you there is another way?

What if...

You could be a high achiever AND advance in your career, 

Live life based on your values,

WITHOUT the stress and overwhelm?

By simply implementing a mindful system for productivity

To MANAGE stress, 

CREATE routines and habits for productivity, 

and PRIORITIZE mindfulness and well-being.


 You can achieve it all!

The career, the life.

…without burn out and anxiety

…without trading every evening for work

…without sacrificing relationships and connection



 I’m Julia Arndt, creator of the Peak Performance Method,

that bridges productivity and well-being.


As an Ex-Googler, burnout is no stranger to me. 


So, I developed a tool to help people become high performers, sustain performance, AND stop burning out.

And I’m going to help you do the same.


Have the confidence

to advance in your career because you are a Peak Performer who has established boundaries and manages time.


Increase Productivity Mindfully

with new routines, habits, and systems that stop procrastination and overwhelm.


Eliminate Stress

through a structured approach to your goals that eliminates overwhelm and anxiety.


The Peak Performance Planner

is designed to help you: 


  • Avoid burnout by better managing your time 

  • Be more mindful of where you spend your time

  • Set clear priorities 

  • Feel accomplished at the end of every day

  • Create new habits

  • Improve your mental health through establishing new routines


The Peak Performance Planner is not bound to a specific start time. You can start at any point in time in the year.


The Peak Performance Planner is designed to help you organize your day, focus on what's most important to you and ensure that you create space for your mental and physical well-being.

You can expect the following templated pages in your Peak Performance Planner to help you be at your best every single day:

  1. Introduction (and exercises) to your Values, Setting Goals and Time Management

  2. Monthly Planning

  3. Project Break-Out Section

  4. Weekly Planning

  5. Daily Planning

  6. Monthly Review


The Peak Performance Planner cover material is a oh so soft! faux leatherette that's easy to handle and clean.

It comes in two colors:

White Dove

Tortoise Turquoise

Julia_Arndt_Grafiken__Modul_8 (1).png

New Productivity Framework

that works for you


Prioritize Tasks

Julia_Arndt_Grafiken__Modul_1 (2).png

Focus on Values


Practice Gratitude

Julia_Arndt_Grafiken__momentum (1).png

Structure & Organize Your Life

Julia_Arndt_Grafiken__Modul_9 (1).png
Julia_Arndt_Grafiken__Modul_6 (1).png

Set Goals

Improve Your Well-Being

Take Your Project to the Next Level

What clients say

I am now 2 weeks into the planner and it is changing my productivity at work. I look forward to starting my day and being accountable for my top priorities. I have tried numerous planners and this one is by far the most effective.
JulesPlannerAugust-19 (2).jpg


Already in the 1980s research showed that journaling on a regular basis can help you to work through painful emotions and improve your physical and psychological well-being...and with that it can help you to prevent mental health diseases like depression and anxiety.

Here are six reasons why you should start a regular journaling practice:

  1. You go see a doctor less frequently.

  2. You create inner calm in a chaotic external world.

  3. Your traumatic experiences feel less intense.

  4. Your concentration improves.

  5. You improve your emotional intelligence.

  6. Your immune system gets strengthened.


I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

With gratitude, Julia.

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