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September 22nd 2019

Tiago Faria - Podcast interview for entrepreneurs

How to Deal with Stress and Avoid Burnout with: Julia Arndt


The silent killer. Stress and anxiety at work comes sneaking up ... It accompanies us for a while (sometimes for years) ... It accumulates and accumulates to the point of not giving more. The famous burnout. A lot of people don't know what it is, or if they know it, they're ashamed to take it on ... For fear of what others will think. 

I have met dozens of people who have gone through (or are going through) this and unfortunately it is extremely common and little discussed. 

Now that will end today. 

The guest of the 26th episode of Tiago Faria's Podcast is Julia Arndt, and she is the founder of Blue Mountain Mindfulness . 

Julia is, like me, a former Googler (we've been in business for the same amount of time!), Specializing in stress, mindfulness, and personal development. 

Incredible 55 minutes of conversation, where we spoke at a deep level about your fascinating home story, your burnout at work, setting up your business, and tips for managing stress for both employees and entrepreneurs..

In this interview you will learn:

  • 08.45: the start of your career at Volkswagen and how you learned what you didn't want in your career

  • 14:15: your Google entry and the "spell" period

  • 18:40: The moment you started to notice that something was not right and you needed help

  • 26:56: How her sick leave encouraged her to start her own stress management business

  • 32:35: How you naturally attracted your first clients

  • 34:00: the main mistakes you made at the beginning of your journey as an entrepreneur, and what lessons you learned

  • ... and  many more knowledge bombs !

Listen now! Our interview here:

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June 5th 2019

Pausecast with Rachael O'Meara

Rachael O’Meara, author of Pause and also a Googler, invited me to her podcast series, The Pausecast, to share more about my work on managing stress and my story. We had a lot of fun and packed in a lot considering we had about 30 minutes!


Check out our interview here:


Here's what we discussed…

  • Experience a pause to help you destress led by Julia

  • What leads to a burnout diagnosis and how to recover

  • Julia's journey & surprise as a well being guru and what led up to her "forced pause"

  • How being stressed leads to more stress and what to do about it

  • Why we get so stressed and how to bring those stress hormones back down from flight-or-fight

  • 3 Tips to de-stress in every day life you can integrate into your commute, morning/evening routine, and daily plan


We are cut from the same cloth! Rachael helps us learn how to turn overwhelm into thriving at work using the latest research and tools on emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and applied neuroscience.


Listen now! Our interview here:


6 Tips on "How to overcome Challenges"

"One of the most important things I can share and that I truly believe in is that you need to trust in the process."

Bea's and Julia's tips on how to overcome challenges as an entrepreneur can be read here.

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February 24th 2019

Podcast Episode: Trust in the Process

You always wondered what a live after Google looks like? 😋
🔜 Coming up this weekend ⚡️

My new podcast episode featuring Julia Arndt! After 7+ years working for Google she decided that she needed a change. "If I can be a project manager in my professional life for one of the biggest companies in the world, why can't I do the same for myself?"

Link to the podcast interview page

Need some short and concise take-aways?

“Do not give up. When I was suddenly sitting at home with a diagnosed burn-out I was thinking: Great. So what now? But that was not the end at all… it brought me on this more than beautiful path of creating this company that I really hope will help so many people.”

“If you are in a really difficult situation right now, just look at it from a different perspective and ask yourself: What do I learn from this? And be grateful for that challenge.“

“One of the most important things I can share and that I truly believe in is that you need to trust in the process.”

“When I have my down days, thinking: Oh my god, what am I doing here. Is this all gonna work out? Who wants to listen to me? Who wants to read my things? What I truly believe in is consistency. A lot of entrepreneurs fail because they are not consistent… they try for two months and then they stop… It is a process and it takes time.”

“I was very proud to be a Googler… It was really hard for me to imagine. Saying “I work for Google” always felt good. I recognized and realized that I really very much identified myself with this company and this culture. And that it’s gonna be a big change for me to say “I am an entrepreneur”. But I think because I am so connected to my mission and I really believe that people need to better work on their stress management that made it easier for me to say “I am an entrepreneur”. Because I am proud of what I am doing! And I actually called myself on LinkedIn “Chief Stress Management Officer” because that’s how I wanted to define myself in the future.”

“People will think when they listen to this: “Oh yeah, that sounds all really good… but what am I gonna do? What am I actually going to create? To improve the world? Create a service? Or whatever it is… we’ve all gone through this at some stage.”

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