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Need quick help or a refresher? 

  • What? 2 x 60-minute sessions

  • How? Phone or VC

  • Pricing? Investment starts at $749 

  • Enroll in ongoing coaching at a discounted rate after the first 2 sessions

Looking for an extensive collaboration to foster change?

  • What? 1 x 90-minute discovery session and 9 x up to 90-minute sessions

  • How? Phone or VC

  • Pricing? Package incl. a free 30-minute introductory session: $3599 

Corporate and Executive Coaching

  • Please reach out to receive a tailored estimate for your needs

Coaching is an intimate relationship. Before making commitment to work together, we need to get to know each other, determine what you need and what I can provide, and see if there is a good rapport between us.


Your Coaching Fee May Qualify For Personal Development Reimbursement Benefits:

Coaching is considered as a job-related learning when it benefits the performance in your current job. 

In the United States, many companies offer to reimburse up to 2/3 of coaching fees up to a max certain amount.

Ask your company for more details.

Your Coaching Fee May Be Tax Deductible:
In the United States, expenses of continuing education undertaken to maintain and improve business and professional skills may be tax-deductible. (Treas. Reg. 1-162-5. Coughlin vs. Commissioner, 203F 2d 307.) Ask your tax accountant for more details.

Did not find what you are looking for? 

We always combine the tools you need to create your very own experience.

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