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Let's close the gap between

where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow.

"I met Julia right after leaving corporate America and while in the midst of a major geographic move. Though I had no idea what would come next, she expertly helped me navigate the possibilities and set goals to help me take steps toward success. Julia’s natural empathy is one of her greatest assets. It’s reflected in her active-listening skills, sharing of relatable experiences, and gentle way of holding me accountable. After a few, short months I’ve been able to prioritize what’s important, cut out obligations that weren’t, and feel more confident about my journey."

Heather Cotanch, Business Owner

I offer a few spots per year for select clients to do a full immersion day in Lake Tahoe, California.

VIP Strategy Topics (non-exhaustive list):

  • Setting yourself up for the next promotion: Are you striving for the next promotion, the next salary increase, but not sure how to get there? Let's explore it together including projects you should take on, skills you need to develop and people that need to start getting to know you better.

  • Creating your dream business: This can include going into different exercises to find your business idea and crafting a powerful plan of action to get it started including planning to build your platform and website, create online courses or live events, writing a book etc.

  • Planning your next career move: Are you not sure what's next? Do you feel empty, uninspired and bored? Have you hit a plateau? That's ok! We live in a world, where people change jobs every 5 years on average and sometimes we need some help to get there.

Together we will:

  • Identify your personal strengths and weaknesses as well as your current professional opportunities and threats to get a full picture of your life

  • Use a diverse set of organizational, coaching and mindfulness tools to help you get where you want to be

  • Create an exhaustive project plan with a detailed list of action items to build the career / business / life you want

The VIP Strategy Day investment is $9,975 which includes: 



  • As a preparation for our day, we will jump on a 45-minute virtual call to set an agenda. I want to make sure I understand your drivers and motivation for the immersion day and tailor the day to your needs.



  • We will have a 6-hour strategy session in person, incl. breakfast, lunch and coffee / tea breaks that is completely focused on your needs.


  • After the full immersion day, we will schedule a 45-minute session to debrief the day and follow-up on any action items. 

  • We will also discuss the best plan of action moving forward incl. the option for additional coaching hours. 

  • I am also always happy to make introductions to people or companies that might be valuable for your business or personal growth.

Access to Julia's signature course (Value: $1997):

  • You will get access to the newest multiple-week online program that I have to offer at the point in time including access to the online community to exchange with like-minded people and business professionals

Your Takeaways:

  • Clarity of where you want to go next

  • Knowledge of your own peak performance skills and habits

  • Specific action plan to adjust your life based on what YOU want

  • Confidence to rock your next phase of life

  • Excitement about creating impact and influence in the area that's most important to you

If you prefer not to travel to Lake Tahoe, I am happy to do a virtual full-day session or fly out to a location of your choice (travel costs apply).

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