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Entrepreneurial Beginnings

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

My biggest fear after leaving Google? That I become disconnected from stressful situations and begin to be irrelevant (is that the biggest fear for every entrepreneur?) to my biggest clients: corporations and start-ups alike.

But let me tell you...

Becoming an entrepreneur, very stressful undertaking! Even though I had the chance to build multiple smaller businesses over the past three years, I was never financially dependent of their outcome. A really great position to be in. I learned a ton of things: how to move from having an idea to creating a product and service; how to build a website, how to advertise not only on Google, but also on Amazon, Facebook and Instagram; how to build a strong brand, an interactive social media feed; how to work with manufacturers overseas; how to create important business all prepared me for this.

For the real deal: my own, full-time company. Without a fix salary, great benefits, and stock-options; without the security of paid vacation, medical leave benefits, life name it!

It's been one of the biggest fears I had to overcome while making the decision to go full-time.

I listened to a podcast that talked about the energy of money and how to become abundant: by believing in it, by manifesting, by planning and making smart decisions. On one of my long drives back to Silicon Valley, it suddenly clicked, my limiting belief: I will never make as much money on my own than in a corporate job unexpectedly changed to "I can and will make the same kind of money as an entrepreneur, yes!, I can and will make even more money than as a full time employee."

Honestly, I think that was one of the most important revelations I had to take the scary step. And of course planning for it: making sure I have some savings for the first few months, managing my money well, and focusing on my plan.

My first week at home

These first few days at home are all about finding balance. I am still feeling tired and exhausted from these past few weeks in January...driving 2000 miles in 4 weeks, 4 days in Silicon Valley, 3 days at home, the whole whirlwind and emotional stress of leaving a great job after more than 7 years, receiving hundreds of amazing messages and support from friends, family and coworkers still took a toll on me.

So I am practicing self-care: taking time to relax, trying to stay flexible with my routines (not so easy when you are an A-Type personality, used to a 9-5 and go-go-go all the time). I am feeling so inspired and have so many ideas, I wish I could just build everything in a day. Here is to being more patient and enjoying every step. All you need in order to progress is doing one little thing each day. That's what stress management is about: recognize, stop, decide what's next.

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