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Lisa Hsu⼁Partner Technology Manager⼁Google

Julia's 8-week course, From Stressed to Empowered, is expertly researched, thoughtfully curated, efficiently presented, and compassionately facilitated.

Expertly researched: I have a hard time learning unless I know the (valid) science behind it. Julia's sources are meticulously researched, she cites only the science that has been validated, where it helps to solidify the curriculum. Equally helpful, she leaves out findings that have been challenged (example: how many days does it take to build a new habit? Nothing definitive has been validated, so, unlike other courses or books, Julia does not build a false metric into her curriculum.)

Thoughtfully curated: This course includes exercises from a range of cognitive therapies, each exercise eliciting the kind of introspection and self-awareness that leads to making impactful changes.

Efficiently presented: Too often, books and courses are incentivized to generate more pages and more content, without adding value. Julia's course, in contrast, is stripped of the unnecessary fluff. It's short, sweet, and highly relevant, and it wastes no time getting to the point.

Compassionately facilitated: I can't stick to something if I'm discouraged. It helps to keep perspective on the long-term, and Julia helps me do this by focusing a lot on empathy and kindness to oneself so that I can better land the learnings in my day-to-day.

Since starting the course, I have sustained the following changes in my life, which have significantly reduced my stress:

  • For the past 4 weeks, I have not looked at my phone first thing in the morning. I wait until I've snuggled my children and enjoyed breakfast with them. This is time I will never get back, and I'm so happy I can give my family my undivided attention.

  • For the past 6 weeks I have gone to sleep early, when I am tired, instead of mindlessly surfing the web. I have slept more and eliminated my ritual midnight snack without feeling like I'm missing something.

  • Not looking at my phone late at night has also been important for sleep, so I now read books that are inspiring, motivating, or restorative. Funny pet videos are great, but books are better!

  • Instead of rushing the kids out the door in the morning, I've adjusted my schedule so we all have more breathing room for the inevitable child-related delays.

  • I found time in my day to go to the gym again. I hadn't been to the gym in 4 years before this course.

  • I have a daily gratitude log that I not only anchors me throughout the day, but also restores me whenever I look back on it.

  • I managed to carve out focused time at work rather than accepting all meeting requests and trying (and failing) to be productive in the 30-mins scattered throughout my days.

  • I've also moved my 1:1s and other meetings to the late afternoon, which leverages my natural energy patterns (afternoon slump is offset by in person meetings, and I capture higher efficiency productivity earlier in the day).

  • I am much better at tracking my todos, and feel more on top of things, after Module 5.

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Matthew Savarick⼁Headspace for Work⼁Headspace

"To put it plainly, this course AND Julia, the teacher, are fantastic. It weaves beautifully into my life and has helped me immediately after participating in the course, in the short term and long term with focus, productivity and relationships. The exercises and learnings have helped me interpersonally in my personal life and work life. 

As an example, the stress tracking log showed me that what I thought was a relatively stress free baseline, but I quickly realized that I was a lot more stressed during the week than I thought. 

I've taken dozens of courses of varying lengths over my career, both in-person and self-directed, administered through my workplace and on my own, and there is no course more complete with the WHY, HOW and WHAT covered so comprehensively I've found than Julia's 8-week stress management course. To showcase how this comes to life in my day to day - currently, I use Headspace to meditate and fall asleep, am taking a Leadership and Management certification course, as well as have a personal Executive coach.' This 8-week course is the best money and time I've invested in nearly anything and is purely additive to my life, leaderships roles and my newest role as a father."

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Andie Dobbelaere⼁Talent⼁McKinsey

I've really enjoyed and learned from each module over the course of the last 8 weeks, and I can't thank you enough for the thoughtful, personalized approach you took in structuring this program.


Module 3 gave me the chance to slow down and identify a few deep beliefs I've been holding onto - simply acknowledging that they were there allowed me to question their validity, and I'm now working on addressing some of their root causes. This was a critical step for me in unlocking my own potential, and I don't think I would've gotten started without taking the time to do this program. 

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John Refling⼁Product Manager⼁Facebook

The program ‘From Stress to Empowered’ was a comprehensive, intuitive series of workshops that provided me tools to help manage my stress in a productive, mindful way. The tools and techniques that the course provides are easy to follow and understand, and are flexible enough to modify for specific circumstances.


I found that the course helped me manage my stress in both my work life and personal life - the frameworks are specific, yet are foundational frameworks that can be applied to many types of stress. The program was a great way for me to begin building strong habits - the weekly sessions were a helpful reminder to make note of my stress levels and what I can do to manage the stressors of my life. I highly recommend this course - I’ll definitely continue to practice and refine the techniques I learned as I continue my stress management journey.

Kate Ellenbaum⼁Global Recruiting Manager⼁Elastic

If you're seeking real-life, tangible, and pragmatic methods for managing stress, these 8-weeks are dense and actionable. I find myself going back to the workbook to remind myself of a concept or leveraging some of the tools in my own self-awareness checks when my days get packed. Daily balance is so often about the little things--those little adjustments we make that add up to palpable change. Too often, coaching programs sell us on the transformation of large epiphanies or extreme shifts. Although they may feel good in the moment, they're often not helpful in the days to come. 


Then there's the person who is your coach. For me, Julia is just as important as her content. She's experienced a high-stress professional environment, burnout, and the rise and perspective afterwards. She's relatable and inspirational and I'm so grateful our paths have crossed.

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