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Healthiest Employer Awards 2019

On September 25th I joined the "Healthiest Employer Awards" of the Bay Area event in San Francisco. The event was organized by Sequoia Consulting Group, a Bay Area based consultancy, responsible for putting together strategic benefit packages for different companies. In this article, I share my biggest take-aways and inspirations for wellbeing trends for 2019 and beyond.

Besides the award ceremony itself, Sequoia presented the well-being trends in 2019 (and beyond), invited Kelly Noonan Gores, producer of the movie "Heal" and Peter Crone, Mind Architect to talk about their passion to film the popular Netflix documentary and led a passionate panel discussion on "Championing a Wellness Culture" with a diverse group of women from Snapchat, Culture Amp, Rothy's, Wellness and Sequoia.

My biggest takeaways

  1. Mental and physical well-being programs are by far the key area of focus for employees (93%)

  2. Burnout ranks as the highest concern when it comes to issues facing employees, followed by depression & anxiety

  3. The most powerful way to bring more attention to mental health and stress management is by having an executive of the company take a lead, show #vulnerability by sharing a personal story and #inspire others

  4. People are seeking more stress management and mindfulness programs without a spiritual component (audience question “How can we bring more mindfulness into teams without the focus of meditation or yoga?”) —> My answer to this question: by showing the importance of stress from a physiological and neurological standpoint, mental health and mindset strategies, goal setting and personal development tools.

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