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Planting a seed (PPT 02/12/2020)

Have you heard of the personal development idea of planting seeds?

Whatever you need most in life, you must give yourself. If you need time, give time! If you need money, give money! If you crave deeper connections, start the conversation!

This week, I encourage you to be mindful with each seed that you plant 🌱. What is that you need more of in life? How can you take one small action today to give that to someone or something else? 

Here is a step-by-step explanation of how to successfully plant seeds:

✨Whatever you need most in your life, give! You need time? Give time! You need money? Give money! You want deeper connections? Start the conversation! ✨Every seed you plant needs to be celebrated to grow. Be grateful for each little encounter, each experience, each smile. Be happy! ✨It is important to be mindful about each seed you plant, because at some point, everything you do will influence your growth.

Once you've done it, comment on my recent Instagram post and share it with the Peak Performance community to inspire others as they plant mindful seeds.

Let's test it out!


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